About Kiki


A site would not be complete without the standard About Me page so lets just jump right to it.  I am the lovely Kiki!

Also affectionately known as Suthern Mocha around various parts of the web. Be sure to take note of the incorrect spelling, it’s not a typo.  The traditional spelling was taken and I did what anyone would do and spelled it incorrectly to make it fit!

I’m active duty military and currently stationed somewhere on the Earth. I’m a Wife, a Mother, a fitness business owner, and an advocate for living our best lives through tailored health and wellness practices.  I believe that health is subjective and there is no such thing as a superior plan.  Overall, the BEST plan is centered on your individualized health goals and it’s sustainable for YOU! On top of all of the aforementioned things, I’m also an amateur competitive bodybuilder, a “fit” gamer, sporadic twitch streamer and a cosplayer .  Lets just say my plate is pretty darn full!

My hobbies include reading, gaming, dancing and taking a ridiculous amounts of selfies on a day-to-day basis.  Basically, this is me… in a nutshell.

The Lady behind the page!